Y5 Ventures is an employee engagement consulting company that is intelligently changing the world by starting with WHY.

Our unique blend of creativity and practical applications help clients achieve pivotal changes to improve leadership capabilities, team alignment and performance, launch new initiatives, projects and strategies, address critical issues and build a healthy productive and profitable environment.

 Through rigorous research and experience Y5 Ventures has developed a 3 phase approach. called Milieu. Our approach provides structure for achieving organizational culture and employee engagement for maximum productivity and profitability.

"Thank you Carolyn & Barbara, you've facilitated this process so that we've been able to think about what we are as a company, rather than wasting time and effort struggling to become what we are not." - Darryl Pahl, CEO, DF/Net Research

Our 3 Phase Approach


It all starts with knowing the fundamental reason for your organization's existence. Your Why.



 Courageously step into owning new thinking and processes that will transform your organizational culture.


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Develop strategies for the sustainability of a vibrant and healthy organizational culture.